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    Tidal Energy in the Bay of Fundy, MCG and You

    Presently there is a lot of activity in the Bay of Fundy, specifically the Minas Passage, concerning Tidal Energy and the use of tidal turbine technology to generate power. The site known as “FORCE” (Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy) is a testing site for local and international companies to test their turbine technology designs […]

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  • Tim's Camp

    MCG and Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Youth Camp

    MCG is excited to be partnering with Tim Horton Children’s Foundation to offer a 3 day, 2 night camp experience to Mi’kmaw Youth. Who can go to camp? We are looking for Youth ages 11 -13 to participate in a 3 day and 2 night Camp! We are also looking for chaperones who are over […]

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  • 21_05_2015 Charlie & the Smolt

    MCG Monitoring Salmon on the Stewiacke River

    MCG Staff have been operating  a smolt wheel in the Stewiacke River since the beginning of May. The wheel gently guides fish into a live well where they can be measured and weighed. Once the technicians have recorded the data, the fish are released to continue on their journey. The Truro Daily News joined us […]

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    Petitcodiac Salmon Smolt Run Underway

    Our Friends at Fort Folly Habitat Recovery (FFHR) have been monitoring & collecting salmon smolt from the Petitcodiac river for the last few years in an effort to save a portion of these fish from dying in the Bay of Fundy. FFHR are involved in an innovative collaboration that sees smolt captured from the river […]

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  • Culvert assessments

    Potential Barriers to Atlantic Salmon Migration in the Stewiacke Watershed

    Culverts are structures designed to allow the flow of water to pass underneath a man-made structure such as a road. Unfortunately, through weathering, improper installation or debris build up, culverts can become barriers to fish migration. In the summer and fall of 2014, MCG took to the streams in the Stewiacke watershed and surrounding MCG […]

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  • CCAP logo FINAL

    Our Water – Their Future: Literature Review Summary

    Preparing “Mi’kmaw Communities’ Water Utilities for Climate Change” was created in response to widespread concern among Community members for the health of their drinking water, now and in the future. MCG will take a holistic approach to evaluate the impacts that climate change will have on the First Nations water and waste-water treatment facilities while […]

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  • MCG Year in Reveiw Infographic 2014_15

    MCG Year in Review Info-graphic

    MCG is winding down another fiscal year and looking ahead to new projects. We thought we would take a minute and reflect on all the great work and cool MCG projects from our 2014/15 year. Thank you to all of the Community members, volunteers and funding partners who make it all possible. Wela’lin

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    National Youth Forum – “Bridging the Gap” Contest

    Win a sponsored rate to attend a national youth forum in Winnipeg March 5-7, 2015. Canadian Roots Exchange’s (CRE) national youth forum is a youth to youth interactive forum whereby participants take part in sessions that explore how to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Canada. They are anticipating approximately 300 youth […]

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    Minas Energy seeks two Mi’kmaq students to attend conference in Halifax

    Minas Energy Invites You To Join Them! Minas Energy would like to find two Mi’kmaq post-secondary students with an interest in renewable energy, sustainability, engineering or the marine trades who would like to attend the international  conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE). They will provide  a room in Halifax, and mentoring at the conference. November 4th, […]

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  • Adult Salmon release

    Fort Folly helps release Atlantic salmon in the Petitcodiac River

    Check out the great work being done by our friends in Fort Folly! You can watch the video here:  Atlantic salmon put back in the Petitcodiac River Or you can read about it here: Endangered Atlantic salmon released

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