Mi'kmaw Conservation Group

Species at Risk Audio Cards

Click the image to hear the aquatic species at risk’s name in Mi’kmaw and in English.

Aquatic species at risk are species that are disappearing from freshwater and saltwater habitats. As of 2014, there are over 25 aquatic species at risk in Atlantic Canada. Aquatic species at risk in this area include fish, marine mammals, and molluscs.

The Mi’kmaw Conservation Group works with six Mi’kmaw Communities to promote and restore the concept of Netukulimk in the Bay of Fundy watershed. If you would like more information on Species at Risk, MCG’s educational tools, or stewardship projects, please contact: Knelson@mikmawconservation.ca

Acadian Redfish
American Eel
American Plaice
Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic Sturgeon
Atlantic Walrus
Atlantic Whitefish
Atlantic Wolffish
Blue Whale
Brook Floater
Deepwater Redfish
Dwarf Wedgemussel
Fin Whale
Grey Whale
Harbour Porpoise
Lake Utopia Rainbow Smelt
North Atlantic Right Whale
Northern Bottlenose Whale
Northern Wolffish
Shortfin Mako
Shortnose Sturgeon
Smooth Skate
Sowerby’s Beaked Whale
Spotted Wolffish
Striped Bass
White Shark
Winter Skate
Yellow Lampmussel