Mi'kmaw Conservation Group

Summer Update

by Sana Kavanagh

This month, I began research on Lepper Brook, at the request of CMM and community members in Millbrook (especially Councillor Vernon Gloade). This spring, some community members observed less trout than are usually found in pools near the community trail. I contacted the Adopt-A-Stream program and the Community Based Environmental Monitoring for advice. They suggested we document the observations of community members and then do initial water chemistry testing. The water chemistry testing can help determine if a chemical contaminant is a likely cause of the decline in trout. With these results, the next steps of getting help from government services or environmental consultants will be easier and more affordable. On May 29, 2012, I began testing water chemistry, including: conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and pH. Kate Nelson, Communication Officer, helped as a field assistant. I tested conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen in a rocky stretch upstream from the community trail. Some sections of the brook have garbage and other debris dumped nearby. We also observed several large natural barriers to migration (log jams). I plan to have a water chemistry report for next month.

Keep an eye out for me and Kate in our waders exploring the local streams and “Like” us on Facebook at Mi’kmaw Conservation Group to see some great pictures from the Lepper Brook study and other Community projects.

Posted in News on June 15, 2012.

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