Mi'kmaw Conservation Group

Education Corner

Animal Track Identification

Test yourself on identifying animal tracks found in nature.

Climate Change Adaptation

Learn about how climate change impacts your community and ways that you can adapt.

Species at Risk Audio Cards

Aquatic species at risk are species that are disappearing from freshwater and saltwater habitats.

Go, Plamu Go!

MCG surveyed 150 culverts and you will find them all on this interactive map.

Waste Sorting

What a mess! We need your help to sort all of this waste properly.

Learn about the Riparian zone!

This interactive game teaches you about the land next to streams, rivers, lakes and ponds—called the "Riparian Zone".

Eel maze (game)

Take the American eel through it's journey to the Sargasso Sea so it can safely release its eggs.

Activity Sheets

Download educational activity sheets here.

Colouring pages

This species at risk colouring book was created to show our young readers the importance of protecting species at risk.

Species At Risk BINGO

Play our Species at Risk BINGO game. Let’s Protect Species at Risk for the Next Generation.